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From Boris Petrov <>
Subject Using Embedded Tomcat with Servlet 3 Annotations
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2017 15:40:17 GMT

We are trying to run an Embedded Tomcat server (version 8.5.11) and have
it process some @WebServlet and @WebListener annotations. We are using
the "addContext" method of the Tomcat instance instead of the
"addWebapp" because we do not want the JSP servlet, the default web.xml
and none of the other things a "webapp" provides. However, after
spending some time reading the code and Googling, I'm reaching the
conclusion that one cannot use "addContext" and have Tomcat use the
annotated classes. Am I right? Why is that, if so? And what do you
suggest we do?


Boris Petrov

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