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From jean-frederic clere <>
Subject Re: TomcatCon @ ApacheCon
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2017 12:21:23 GMT
On 01/10/2017 09:05 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Mark,
> On 1/9/17 6:57 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> There is the opportunity (if we can pull it together as a
>> community) to run a dedicated Tomcat conference alongside ApacheCon
>> NA 2017. The dates are May 16 to 18.
> Interesting.
>> The call for papers closes on Feb 11 so we have around a month to
>> get organised. We'll also need to convince the conference
>> organisers that a) there is a demand for this and b) we have a
>> plan.
>> Getting the right content is going to be critical to success. I've
>> been thinking about this for a while and I think we can identify
>> the right content
> I have a single presentation submitted already for consideration. The
> topic is "Let's Encrypt Apache Tomcat" ;)

OK I can do a H2 presentation / new SSL config in Tomcat before ;-)

> I was also planning on reprising one of my previous presentations,
> either the "Monitoring" or "Load-balancing" one, or possibly the
> credential-handlers one. They have all been fairly well-attended in
> the past.
> If you wanted to really get a LOT of sessions going, I'd be willing to
> do all of them, though it *is* a lot of talking.
>> "What topic(s) need to be covered in a Tomcat conference to make it
>> as easy as possible to get your employer to pay for you to
>> attend?"
>> We have up to three days and potentially multiple tracks so even if
>> you think you have a niche requirement, please speak up. We
>> typically have a number of Tomcat committers speaking at ApacheCon
>> so finding someone to cover a particular topic shouldn't be too
>> tricky. Equally, if you have a topic you could present on that you
>> think others would find useful, speak up.
>> Do feel free to add your +1 if someone else mentions a topic your
>> are interested first. Having an idea of how popular the topics are
>> would also be helpful.
>> Also, we don't have to stick to the standard "Sit and listen to
>> someone present for 40 mins" format. Discussions, workshops,
>> hackathons are all possible.
>> Some topic ideas to get the ball rolling.
>> Hands-on workshop: Configuring TLS with Apache Tomcat
> +0
>> Reverse Proxying to Apache Tomcat Load-balancing with Apache
>> Tomcat Clustering  with Apache Tomcat
> +1 to all 3
>> Tomcat Clinic (like the users list but with everyone in the same
>> room)
> Evidently, Daniel Rugguri tried this a few years ago with a "Let's
> solve your mox_proxy problem" workshop, and literally nobody showed
> up. I'm skeptical about a workshop for a few reasons:
> 1. Attendees might not have a "problem to solve" and therefore see a
> workshop as a waste of their time.
> 2. Anyone with a problem to solve isn't going to wait-around for the
> conference to get it solved.
> Maybe we could instead have more like a live-demo of setting things up
> from scratch. So it's not an AMA (AUA?) with a topic of e.g.
> "custering" but instead have a session titled something like
> "Clustering A - Z" where we build a live cluster while the audience
> watches and asks questions in real time.
> Jean-Frederic and I were musing in Austin (?) about getting a small
> number of Raspberry Pi-type devices on the stage with activity/state
> lights on them, build a cluster, and then start unplugging things to
> show what actually happens when disaster strikes in your environment,
> and how the cluster reacts.

I already have 3 Raspberry ready for this kind of thing, probably needs
a few more to make a bigger cluster.

> I'm not sure that could be done in 1 hour, especially with all of the
> questions we are likely to get or scenarios we might like to demonstrate
> .

Nope that is ~2 hours workshop



> -chris
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