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From Jerry Malcolm <>
Subject Maintaining Session with Apache RewriteRule
Date Sat, 24 Dec 2016 16:08:27 GMT
I have an app that runs in a single WAR file deployment (single webapp 
context).  I added some Apache RewriteRule statements to hide the actual 
URLs for pages in the webapp.  All of the rules still resolve to the 
single WAR file context.  But the problem is now I get a different 
session on each page.  I need to pass a session variable from page to 
page.  Everything worked with a single session until I moved to the 
RewriteRule statements.  Am I missing some flag in the RewriteRule or a 
Tomcat config option that will allow me to keep one session even with 
RewriteRules in effect?

Here's one of the Apache statements:

          RewriteRule ^/precheckout$ 
/order/jsp/user/termsandconditions.jsp    [PT]

What am I missing?

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