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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Apache tomcat concurrency issue
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2016 14:43:53 GMT
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Migual Angel,

On 11/10/16 5:51 AM, Roldan, Miguel Angel [Global Data & Content] wrote:
> Thanks for your help. After a lot of tests we finally realized it
> was related with having tomcat configured to recycle requests and
> using apache velocity.

I use Apache Velocity and have no such concurrency issues. Note that
"recycling requests" doesn't mean what you might think it does: in
Tomcat, "recycling request facades" means that the facades are discarded

> We modify the configuration RECYCLE_FACADES setting it to true and 
> the problem disappear.

Then the problem is with your application retaining references to
request and/or response objects after the request should have completed.

99% of the time this is the reason for reports of the kind you gave.

This is not a bug in Tomcat, nor is it a bug in Velocity. It's a bug
in your application.

- -chris

> -----Original Message----- From: Christopher Schultz 
> [] Sent: viernes, 04 de
> noviembre de 2016 23:26 To: Tomcat Users List
> <> Subject: Re: Apache tomcat concurrency
> issue
> Miguel Angel,
> On 11/3/16 12:52 PM, Roldan, Miguel Angel [Global Data & Content] 
> wrote:
> (Moving this up to the top:)
>> Httpd apache server on the front-end v. 2.2 connected to apache 
>> tomcat using AJP connector 1.3
>> Apache tomcat 7.0.56
> Thanks.
>> We are facing some random concurrency issues in our tomcat 
>> environments.
>> 1.      We have a web application deployed on Tomcat that handles
>>  requests from browsers (AJAX and non-AJAX) and also from an 
>> applet.
>> 2.      The requests send by the browser and always gets and
>> posts (with application/x-www-form-urlencoded format)
>> 3.      The requests made by the applet are compressed and send
>> in binary, they are handled by a different Servlet that reads
>> the content by executing request.getInputStream().
> Are you compressing and sending a big blob called "data" or
> something similar? Or are you sending multiple parameters
> separately compressed?
>> 4.      Randomly, mainly after opening the applet from the
>> current session or in another session executed on the same server
>> (which send some requests in parallel) requests send from the
>> browser arrives to the server with an empty
>> request.getParameterMap()
> If you are calling request.getInputStream, then you will never get 
> anything in the parameter map. If your code consumes the request
> body in a POST, then Tomcat cannot parse it again.
>> 5.      We have reviewed that the request was well formed when it
>>  leaves the browser and also we are able to monitor it with TCP 
>> Dump and see that arrives correctly to tomcat.
> Good.
>> 6.      We have introduced a filter on the first position of the
>>  filter chain: org.apache.catalina.filters.RequestDumperFilter
>> and we have validated that at this point we have already lost all
>> of the parameters
> Good thinking. Are you SURE it's the first filter in the chain? We 
> aware that the RequestDumperValve will rob the data from your 
> applicatio n.
>> 7.      If we try to execute the request.getInputStream() for
>> this problematic requests what we see is that the byte array
>> that returns belongs to another request made before to the
>> server.
> Obviously, that shouldn't happen.
>> 8.      If we re-submit the same request after, it works fine. 
>> They don't have any kind of special character or exceed a
>> certain length.
>> 9.      Environment configuration:
>> O.S. - Oracle linux
>> 10.   Sometimes we are able to reproduce the issue on a 
>> eclipse-tomcat environment using http connector and we have 
>> validated that the flag used by the class 
>> org.apache.catalina.connector.Request parametersParsed is set to 
>> true.
>> Do you have any kind of suggestions on how to further
>> investigate the issue?
> Are you able to re-test with an updated version of Tomcat 7?
> Current version is 7.0.72. Your version is ~2 years old.
> Can you post your <Connector> configuration?
> Thoughts about what might be happening:
> 1. Application concurrency/request-object retention bug 2. 
> maxPostSize value too low -- Tomcat is rejecting the request in a
> way unexpected by the application 3. Edge case/bug in Tomcat that
> has been fixed in a more-recent version?
> -chris
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