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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: AW: AW: Using WebDAV in Tomcat 7.0.45
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2016 18:02:45 GMT
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On 11/11/16 10:08 AM, Arno Schäfer wrote:
> Hi André,
> many thanks for your thought's, but my requirement is not so
> complex and difficult like it could be.
>> DAV (or WebDAV), in itself, stands for Distributed Authoring and
>> Versioning. It was originally designed mainly as a tool to help
>> people to remotely edit the HTML pages of a website, and be able
>> to do so using the same HTTP connection which is already used by
>> the website itself (thus avoiding separate connections via FTP,
>> SFTP, SCP etc. and the corresponding user access and permissions
>> setup). But in itself, DAV does not have all the features which
>> are needed to do this in a safe, multi-user scenario.
> It is a big internal and 15 year old webserver, where I want to
> implement exactly this purpose, what you are talking about. DAV
> should be used instead of share's, like it is today. This service
> is only used internally and will never become a public service, so
> from the security site I have no such strange requirements.
> Parallel access for writing will be solved with a simple locking
> mechanism, because it is relatively seldom, that more than one
> person work on the same item and then it is acceptable, that the
> first owner blocks the file til he is ready.
> At least I have tried a little bit around to make our client
> (written in Java) able to send DAV request, but this failed til
> now, because it seems, that I have to write my own '
> DavURLConnection', because the 'HttpURLConnection' can't handle the
>  additional requests. Do you know, if some Java library for DAV
> clients exist. I haven't found any lightweight solution til now. To
> get the data and edit them, it is very strait forward and works
> fine for me :-)

Why are you bothering to write your own DAV client?

Microsoft Word,, Mac OS X, Desktop Linux distros and
lots of other software already know how to read/write files from DAV
shares with no special (additional) software such as you describe.

Notably, Microsoft Windows explorer makes a complete mess of the
specification and prohibits the use of obviously-useful features,
making DAV nearly impossible to use without help. I have turned to
South River Technologies' WebDrive[1] software to make our DAV shares
work on Microsoft Windows versions after Windows 7. It mounts a WebDAV
share as a drive-letter and then you just work with the files as if
they were local.

- -chris

[1] I have no interest in WebDrive other than I am a very satisfied
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