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From André Warnier (tomcat)>
Subject Re: Using WebDAV in Tomcat 7.0.45
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2016 10:45:09 GMT

On 11.11.2016 09:08, Arno Schäfer wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have activated WebDAV in my web app to be able to show some log files directly in the
browser and to edit some special XML files in a special editor..
> In my first attempt I can read all this files and show it in the editor and in the browser,
but I failed to save them, after I have changed them.

I think that you are missing a piece of the puzzle. Let me try to explain in relatively 
simple terms :

The "DAV protocol" is an addition to the standard HTTP protocol.
What it does, is to enable some additional HTTP "command verbs", which are understood by 
additional "handlers" on the webserver side.
A standard webserver understands the HTTP command "GET" and "POST", and all browsers are 
capable to send these commands to the webserver.
But to upload a page or file from a HTTP client to a webserver, using DAV, the client has

to be able to send this file to the webserver using a "PUT" command.
(That is your "HTTP save request" as you mention below).
This command is not supported by a standard browser. You need a special "DAV client" 
program for that.  As examples of such special DAV clients :
- many HTML editors have such a feature built-in (e.g. DreamWeaver)
- the Windows Explorer program includes such a feature (if you create a "Web Folder" in 
your "Network Locations")(see for example here :

here :
- some commercial Windows add-on programs like WebDrive 

Of course, because with DAV, any DAV client can upload and/or overwrite files on the 
server, you must be careful of the permissions aspect.  On the server side, the DAV module

runs within the webserver, thus under the user-id and with the permissions of that webserver.
So in order to be able to read and possibly write to some file, that file (and its 
directory) needs to be so that the webserver user-id has the permission to read/write it.
That is dangerous, and should be considered very carefully.

> Can someone provide me a good tutorial or a short example, what I have to do, to get
it running. I am using the standard WebdavServlet from
> the catalina.jar and the WebdavFixFilter for now. From the documentation I do not understand,
how I have to request the single methods of the
> implemented interfaces. Do I have to implement my own servlet or filter to handle all
interfaces what I need for saving files? Also an example of
> a possible HTTP save requests would be very helpfull.
> Thanks in advance,
> best regards
> Arno
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