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From "Garratt, Dave" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 8 HTTPS issue with old browser
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2016 10:13:23 GMT
Thanks for that very comprehensive answer. I had not considered that but it sounds like it
should give me the flexibility I need. I’m a Java programmer by profession rather then a
web guru so it will no doubt take a fair bit of trial an error but that’s for pointing me
in the right direction.


> On 4 Oct 2016, at 10:58, Olaf Kock <> wrote:
> Am 04.10.2016 um 11:23 schrieb Kreuser, Peter:
>> In my opinion weakening the security of the majority of users (there are seemingly
others) is a pretty bad thing to do. My suggestion would be a different connector on a separate
port for the handhelds. Configure this either on HTTP or a specific supported SSL protocol
and ciphers. It would probably mean to reconfigure the handhelds, to add a hole into the firewall
for the new port, but that could be restricted to the location/subnet of the handhelds.
>> You will need to get an exemption from the https-requirement for the handhelds anyways,
so that may be a way to get a compensating control.
> Given the situation described, I'd opt for adding an Apache httpd (or
> equivalent webserver of your choice) to the game to handle encryption.
> As Peter suggests, preferably on a different host/port/firewalled
> section. Given that OpenSSL/mod_ssl come with the kitchensink of
> algorithms, it should be straightforward to configure the best algorithm
> that the barcode scanners support.
> This way you can continue to run tomcat8 in a non-weakened configuration
> and totally ignore encryption on that end.
> Personally I prefer this setup anyway: My tomcat installations never
> deal with https, it's always a frontend-webserver. If only because
> mod_rewrite has helped me quickfix an issue in seconds instead of hours.
> And on my installations there's typically no need to encrypt the
> Apache->tomcat traffic (on small installations: because it's localhost
> traffic to begin)
> Sooner or later OP should push for updates to the barcode scanners -
> especially if HTTPS is mandatory. The old algorithms are deprecated for
> a reason and won't protect the data in transit as you expect when just
> seeing https:// on a URL. And the older Windows desktop&server versions
> do not support the newer algorithms. I'm expecting the same for Windows
> Mobile.
> And I can't go without ranting: When "only" HTTPS is a requirement, not
> "data protection according to the latest findings": There's a NULL
> cipher that you could select. It's disabled by default for obvious
> reasons, but it does exactly what you'd expect: Talk https without
> encrypting or signing any of the traffic. ;) (Of course: Use this only
> to question the requirements: If customer wants *proper* encryption
> instead of bandaid, the barcode scanners will need to be *up*graded to
> support proper encryption, rather than the server to be *down*graded)
> Olaf
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