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From André Warnier (tomcat)>
Subject Re: Performance Issue - Tomcat 8 - Java 8 Web app with client side applet
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2016 14:43:37 GMT
On 05.10.2016 16:16, Boyle, James A wrote:
> Hello,
>                 I have a web application compiled under Java 1.8 running in a Tomcat
8 container on a Linux web server. The client side devices are Windows 7 desktops with USB
attached printers. The basic operation is a query to a SQL Server database for the relevant
address and then to print the information on an attached printer (Zebra ZM400 or ZP505). The
first time through the print control on the screen activates pretty quickly, but successive
retrievals introduce a 10-15 second delay before the label can be printed. The application
is deployed as a WAR file and the print applet is signed with SHA-2. The prevailing theory
is that the applet is being downloaded for each label being printed and that this is introducing
the performance delay we are seeing. Is there a way to properly cache the applet, so that
it does not need to be downloaded to the client workstation each time? Any insight would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks.

 From your description, this does not look at all like a Tomcat problem, or even really a

webserver problem.
It looks more like an issue on the client side.
If the client is indeed downloading the same applet over and over, that can only be 
because it is issuing HTTP retrieval requests to the server over and over.
Why it would do that, is more a question of the content of the initial page, and how the 
browser reacts to it.
You should probably install (or use) some browser plugin, which lets you trace the 
conversation between browser and server. Maybe that would give you a better hint about why

this is happening.
Most recent browsers have such a debugging tool already built-in.
If not, then it depends a bit on the browser. For IE for example, you could have a look at


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