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From "Mekkelsen Madden, Steve" <>
Subject RE: AT WITS END regarding JVM arguments
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2016 00:56:38 GMT
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From: James H. H. Lampert [] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2016 6:59 PM
To: Tomcat Users List <>
Subject: Re: AT WITS END regarding JVM arguments

On 9/6/16, 8:05 AM, Christopher Schultz wrote:

> It's worth noting that, when creating the service from the 
> command-line, the service.bat script will use the current environment 
> to configure the service. That means that CATALINA_HOME and 
> CATALINA_BASE are all used to configure the service.
> Unfortunately, CATALINA_OPTS is not used. I'll have a look to see how 
> tough it would be to add CATALINA_OPTS-handling to service.bat... it 
> seems like it would be nice to do that, and fairly easy.

I wouldn't sweat that part. I still think that the best way to deal with the situation is
to put a prominent warning in the preamble comments of the relevant configuration files, explaining
that the configuration files are ignored when Tomcat is run as a Windows Service, including
links to relevant online documentation for the configuration utility.

I would say that it's valid to assume that somebody *installing* Tomcat on a Windows box,
to be run as a service, might reasonably be expected to know about how it works, and how to
configure it, whereas somebody like me, accustomed to other platforms, and who has never had
a reason to study the Windows service part of the Tomcat docs, would have no reason to know
about it.


I do not agree with that statement. It is rarely if ever, safe to assume anything.  For years,
that IS what I've done to create the Windows Service.  Why else would you have a service.bat
file if it didn't create the service for you??  In prior releases (8.0.* and older), I have
never had a problem with using this to create the Windows Tomcat Service.  JVM Arguments get
added, memory settings, arguments etc.  Never a problem.  

If it is not working in 8.5 series, I'd say that's a regression issue to be fixed.  Adding
a preamble doesn't mean someone won't continue to create services this way.  If the service.bat
won't do it correctly there are two choices - fix it so it does create the service properly
or remove it from the build and make people use the one that does do it correctly.  An ounce
of prevention saves a lot of headaches down the road for everyone.  Let's go to the root of
the issue, not apply a band aid to it.


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