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From Bernhard Lenz <>
Subject Re: Should tomcat form login offer redirects to login page besides forward?
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2016 00:15:43 GMT
Hi Mark.

Unfortunately CAS doesn't support Tomcat 8 or 9 and the documentation is
often outdated and sometimes messy.

I feel Tomcat is so close to perfect with its SingleSignOn valve and Realms
that supporting a global login page is just the dot on the I.

I'm new to the apache process... How can I best get my hands dirty
and find the edge cases? Would I create a folk in GitHub and in case I get
it to work submit a pull request?


On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 12:58 PM, Bernhard Lenz <> wrote:

> Are there any Tomcat developers in this forum that would like to pick up
> below suggestion? I'm very interesting in hearing your opinion.
> Sincerely
> Bernie
> On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 3:54 PM, Bernhard Lenz <> wrote:
>> I'm currently researching an architectural issue which has been pondering
>> me for quite some time now.
>> Tomcat is probably one of the most widely used web servers out there.
>> It has some really nice build in features to implement authentication
>> and authorization using
>> Form Based Authentication and the SingleSignOn valve. Also the database
>> realms with configurable table and column names and hashing of passwords
>> are exactly what is needed to develop state of the art web sites.
>> In my career I've almost exclusively come across (or worked on) web sites
>> which consist of multiple war modules protected by a single site wide login
>> page. Examples are myprofile.war for a customer to update his information,
>> and admin.war for internal users to administer the site, etc etc. All wars
>> are typically protected by a single login page which matches the style of
>> the web page.
>> However it appears that (based on the Servlet Reference Implementation)
>> the login page can only live within each war's servlet context and
>> therefore the login page must be copied into each single war. This makes it
>> kind of hard to maintain the login page, and in case the page needs to be
>> modified it must be changed in multiple places (namely in each war) instead
>> of just in one place.
>> In order to adapt Tomcat better to today's web development practices I
>> would like to suggest an enhancement for Tomcat to provide some kind
>> of host level declaration of a login page which overrides the web.xml
>> definition or takes affect if the login page is not declared inside the
>> web.xmls. For this the FormAuthenticator's forwardToLoginPage method would
>> need to be modified to also offer a (conditional) redirect besides just a
>> forward. In my simple mind such a change shouldn't be too difficult to
>> implement.
>> I also looked at glassfish's clone of Tomcat and saw that the glassfish
>> team did add a redirect to the forwardToLoginPage method, although it
>> appears not exactly for this purpose
>> I'm curious to know your thoughts about this enhancement and how to best
>> proceed with it?
>> Sincerely
>> Bernie

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