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From Christian <>
Subject Re: Tomcat8 startup service exit (return value 143)
Date Sat, 30 Jan 2016 15:05:34 GMT
Hello all,

On 30.07.2015 18:59, Mark Eggers wrote:
> Here's my current working theory.
> As Chris has stated, lots of VM restarts mean that you're probably
> short on entropy. If you're short on entropy, you'll need to wait
> longer for Tomcat to start up.
> By default, systemd has a 90 second timeout for starting a unit. If a
> unit doesn't signal a start-up within that time, systemd will shut
> down that service.
> You can configure a per-unit start-up time. Do a man 5 systemd.service
> to see how.

I was encountering the same issue as Robert and your working theory sounds quite reasonable.
I'm in a virtualized
environment, too. In my case it is XenServer and the problem occurs only directly after booting.
When I manually execute
systemctl start tomcat
everything is fine. That fits to the entropy thing.

In my case it wasn't systemd killing tomcat but jsvc. By default jsvc waits only 10 seconds.
After configuring
in, everything is fine now.

Thanks for your heads up.


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