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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: WebEx meeting invitation: Apache Tomcat: TLS Virtual Hosting
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2015 11:30:19 GMT
On 08/12/2015 11:12, Violeta Georgieva wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> 2015-12-08 12:41 GMT+02:00 Mark Thomas <>:
>> On 08/12/2015 10:19, wrote:
>>> Hi Mark,
>>>    I tried to attend this meeting. I connected with WebEx,
>>> I could see the slides, but I got no audio. The same
>>> happened at you first meeting, a few days ago. I looked
>>> at the first meeting you published in YouTube, with no
>>> problems: the audio was there.
>>>    Can you suggest how can I attend the live meeting?
>> The meetings are currently set up so you have to use a telephone to
>> connect to the audio. You can either dial in or get the system to call
>> you back.
>> It looks like something did go wrong with the audio for this morning's
>> meeting. As I said when I sent the first invitations out, this is new
>> for us and we expect to have a few issues as we figure out how best to
>> do this.
>> For this evening's meeting I am going to try a couple of different things:
>> 1. See if I can enable audio via the same device you are watching the
>> video so you don;t need a separate phone line.
>> 2. Dial in from a separate line and ensure that my audio feed is working.
> I tried with dial in and with call back, but both were not working for me
> this morning.
> I was able to see the slides but there was no audio.
> A colleague of mine also tried without success - no audio this morning.
> For this evening's meeting I can join earlier and I also will be able to
> tell you whether the audio is OK on my side.

Thanks. I'm going to dial in on a separate line to double check.

I'm currently on the phone to support to see why audio via computer is
not available. Bingo. It is a 'feature'.

The short version is the service $work has set up uses a separate
conference call service and you can't use VOIP at the same time. It is
either or. Given that landlines are more reliable and that a call-back
option is available (so it should be zero cost to participants) I'm
going to continue with that route.

I'll update the opening slides to make it clear audio via the PC is not
an option.


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