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From Jerry Malcolm <>
Subject Detecting Expired Session via JavaScript?
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2015 17:30:17 GMT
I'm looking for a way to detect that the current session has expired (or 
logged out via another tab on the browser).  I know I could just issue 
dummy requests to the server and see if a login page comes back.  But 
issuing requests automatically resets the session timer. I need a benign 
way to query that doesn't keep the session alive forever.

I'm sure this problem has been solved before.  But basically, I want to 
know that the session is no longer valid and force the user back to the 
login page.  I know one possibility is to set the Tomcat timer to 30 min 
expiration, and then keep a '29 minute' timer running in the browser.  
But my clients can change the tomcat session timer length.  And also 
this doesn't account for a logoff using the same session on a different 
browser tab.  I'd really like a pro-active query method if anything like 
that exists.




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