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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Can tomcat serve MPI (parallel) applications?
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2015 17:22:17 GMT
John and Martijn,

On 11/30/15 7:57 PM, john Matlock wrote:
> As I said earlier, it has been a long time since I worked with MPI (1991 to
> be exact) so I am not quite understanding your application or the software
> topology.  Let me ask a few more questions.  It seems you say that a
> request for processing comes in, the task it split among many hosts using
> MPI, probably with mpi_put and mpi-get to handle the communications between
> hosts.  In this kind of system each host only works on one part of the
> problem, yet you say that the subsidiary host is to send the "final
> presentation" over the web, back to presumably whoever asked for the
> processing to be done, wherever in the world it is needed.  If the
> subsidiary host is only working on part of the problem, how does it get the
> data results from how ever many other hosts are doing their part of the
> processing?  If a single host can produce the results, what is MPI being
> used to do?  Why not just send the request to the server that is going to
> process the data?
> Again going back over the years, the system I worked on had a front end
> machine that was sent the problem/application to be processed.  It broke up
> the processing task to get more CPU power onto the problem.  Then the
> results from the individual tasks were sent back to the front end which
> assembled the independent or intermediate results into the final
> presentation.  The whole system was not connected to the web (1991
> remember), but I see no reason that the front end machine couldn't take in
> requests from the web and then use the web to distribute these results for
> which Tomcat would work fine.  But I don't understand why you would want to
> use Tomcat on each individual processing node.  MPI communicators would
> seem to handle this internal communication better than trying to fit these
> communications onto some kind of intranet.
> I don't think I am helping you very much.

I'm not sure why it's important to start Tomcat itself using "mpirun".
Isn't Tomcat just the interface through which clients submit jobs to the
MPI cluster? Just have your Tomcat start up normally, accept an HTTP
request, and then send that request off to the MPI server(s) using
whatever mechanism is typically used (socket, shared memory, etc.)

Tomcat itself doesn't have to participate in the whole MPI party, does it?


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