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From "Ben Stringer" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Conflicting with Group Policy Client
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2015 06:54:59 GMT
On Thu, November 19, 2015 3:19 pm, Nick Childs wrote:
> Tomcat Version: 6.0.39
> Operating System: Server 2012 R2 Standard
> Configuration: We are utilizing Tomcat as part of a Pentaho deployment -
> Tomcat is utilized for Pentaho's Data Integration and Business Analytics
> services.
> Description: We have a custom Deployment of Pentaho using PostgreSQL and
> Tomcat Apache running within the current version of our proprietary
> Medical Imaging software. The integration works well, but we have spent
> months struggling to identify the cause of a major conflict between the
> PostgreSQL/Tomcat integration and group policy client in windows domain
> environments. Whenever the PostgreSQL and Tomcat Apache (Pentaho Data
> Integration) services are running, we begin to see 1 hour + reboot times
> and gpupdate failures due to the group policy client just hanging for long
> periods of time with no explanation. If only Pentaho is running, no
> problem is experienced. If only Tomcat is running, no problem is
> experienced - it is only when we have both running/communicating the Group
> Policy updates begin to fail.

Hi Nick,

I don't know much about Windows Group Policy, but I'd start by trying to
identify if there is a resource contention issue between the components
you have listed. I'd be particularly looking at listening TCP ports, and
see if there are any clashes amongst the ports that each component expects
to have exclusive access to.

This information should be available in the conf files for each component.

Have you checked for other resource exhaustion (memory, paging space etc.)
when all components are running?

Cheers, Ben

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