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From Amit Rawat <>
Subject Re: Tomcat simple tcp cluster doesn't work on switching browser
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2015 09:36:37 GMT
Hi Chris,

It might seem that both are going to SERVER-1 because I have set the
jvmRoute for both instances of tomcat is set to SERVER-1. I had started
with setting different jvmRoute for both and I faced the same issue . Then
I tried setting them the same since I thought jvmRoute should be unique to
the server therefore I used server name . Although now I think they should
be unique to the tomcat instance.

I am not using a load balancer. The two tomcats expose different services
& I need to share sessions between those services for a logged in user.
The scenario is that I login through tomcat 1, query it a few times, then
query tomcat 2 using the same session-id .

My apologies if it seemed rude , but I pasted the link to my questions on
SO as I didn¹t want the mail to be too long & unreadable . Also, the post
on SO , has links to other SO suggestions that I have already tried.
Again, my apologies, it was not my intention to be either lazy or rude.

Thanks for the reply,

On 17/11/15 3:28 am, "Christopher Schultz" <>

>On 11/16/15 7:21 AM, Amit Rawat wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply. I understand that on changing browsers, a new
>> session would need to be established & that is indeed what I do . On
>> changing browsers , I login again , creating a new session .
>> As can be seen in the logs I pasted on stack overflow : New Session :::
>> 6003A09956987A2035EB9BB1C5D7C157.SERVER-1 . But as you can see from the
>> logs , the sessions created or destroyed are not shared with the other
>> tomcat by the tomcat to which I send my requests .
>It's not clear which Tomcat is receiving which requests... they all look
>like they are going to SERVER-1. Are you sure your lb is working as
>While some of us lurk on SO, posting to this list and asking people to
>go to SO to answer your question is a little lazy (or perhaps rude). IF
>you want real advice, come here and give us all the information we need
>to help you. Then stick around and become part of the community. If you
>just want random advice from people on the internet, stick with SO.
>> On 16/11/15 5:30 pm, "André Warnier (tomcat)" <> wrote:
>>> On 16.11.2015 11:36, Amit Rawat wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm observing some strange behaviour between two instances of
>>>> apache-tomcat-7.0.41 running on the same server. Sessions are shared
>>>> between the servers on multiple logins/logouts on the same browser ,
>>>> when i switch browsers , the session sharing stops .
>>>> I have posted a question on stack overflow where you can find more
>>>> details on what I have tried & my observations :
>>>> snt-work-on-switching-browser
>>>>   Any help would be appreciated.
>>> Off the top of my head, I would say
>>> - a "session" saved on the server, is identified by a "session-id"
>>> kind of large 
>>> alphanumeric string, unique)
>>> - to allow a browser to re-connect to the same session during several
>>> interactions, this
>>> session-id is initially sent to the browser, contained in a cookie
>>> - whenever the browser interacts with the same server/cluster, it
>>> this cookie, and
>>> this is what allows the server to re-connect this browser to the saved
>>> session
>>> - of course, if you switch browsers, the new browser does not have that
>>> cookie. So it does
>>> not send it to the server/cluster, and it gets a new session, with a
>>> different session-id.
>>> Or did I misunderstand your explanation of what happens ?
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