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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: No direct access to Tomcat as it is using AJP connector?
Date Wed, 11 Nov 2015 01:05:55 GMT

On 11/10/15 5:18 AM, Suleman Butt wrote:
> Now I have the following requirement, I have been asked by my operation
> team member that he needs to " replace Battery and install McAfee" on the
> Apache web server and the activity would require approx. 1 hour. He also
> told me that during this period of time, the entire application would not
> be accessible!
> My question to him was that why can't users access the application by
> directly putting the IP of the Tomcat server in the browser during the time
> Apache web server is under maintenance? Why can't we access the Tomcat AS
> directly? Once the Apache is up, users can then use the actual URL and
> access the application again via Apache web server.

Why not stand-up another httpd on another server, then switch the DNS
mapping to the "new" web server, then take the old one out of service
after DNS has had a chance to propagate? That way there is zero
downtime, and your users don't have to use a different URL to access
your applications.


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