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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Making fail-over work with PermGen errors
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2015 19:59:03 GMT

On 11/3/15 4:01 PM, Stephen Booth wrote:
> Does anyone have any advice about how to make fail-over work more
> cleanly with PermGen errors (other than the obvious one of not letting
> PermGen errors occur)
> I'm using apache ModProxy to connect to tomcat over ajp with additional
> hot-spare servers confgured for fail-over but if I mess up and let the
> jvm run out of PermGen space then tomcat seems to stay alive enough to
> prevent fail-over but not enough to actually serve any content.

Memory-related errors are always problematic.

Do you have any instrumentation/monitoring to check the liveness of your
Tomcat nodes? Can it detect the OOME condition? If so, you should be
able to notify the load-balancer that something had gone wrong. I'm
unsure of how to do it with mod_proxy_ajp, but mod_jk can be
re-configured externally e.g. by calling curl with a specially-crafted



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