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From Björn Raupach <>
Subject Re: No direct access to Tomcat as it is using AJP connector?
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2015 10:32:51 GMT
Hello Suleman,

> On 10 Nov 2015, at 11:18, Suleman Butt <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have the following configuration.
> Standalone Apache web server is talking to Tomcat AS using AJP connector.
> Both Apache and Tomcat are running on seperate server machines. All my
> application components are deployed on the Tomcat AS and Apache is just
> used to redirect the user requests to Tomcat.
> Now I have the following requirement, I have been asked by my operation
> team member that he needs to " replace Battery and install McAfee" on the
> Apache web server and the activity would require approx. 1 hour. He also
> told me that during this period of time, the entire application would not
> be accessible!
> My question to him was that why can't users access the application by
> directly putting the IP of the Tomcat server in the browser during the time
> Apache web server is under maintenance? Why can't we access the Tomcat AS
> directly? Once the Apache is up, users can then use the actual URL and
> access the application again via Apache web server.
> But the short answer I got from the team member was that *there is no
> alternate URL as Tomcat is using AJP connector which cannot be accessed via
> browser. *
> So my question is if it really true and there is no alternate way (quick
> solution/workaround) we can avoid the complete outage of the application?

Yes, your colleague is correct. If only the AJP connector is configured you
can’t access Apache Tomcat with your Browser. Your Browser speaks HTTP
and not AJP. Thinks would be different if there is an HTTP-Connector configured.

> I am not technically aware of this AJP configuration and constraint, so
> that's why I want to make sure if the above condition stated by the team
> member is indeed correct. May be he lacks or unaware of any other alternate.

Not judging your colleague here and what is reasoning is. Sysadmins usually
place Tomcat behind an Apache because:

* Load balancing
* Routing many services within a single website
* SSL issues
* SLA or corporate policies
* Trust

We have been running standalone Apache Tomcat since version 6. It is 
stable and has not caused any troubles in all these years. It is worth trying out.

> So any help/clarification would be really appreciated.
> Many thanks.
> -- 
> Regards Suleman

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