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From Aurélien Terrestris <>
Subject Re: Conditional logging
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2015 20:12:00 GMT

I was just trying to answer to this question asked last year, since
some of my customers are also asking the same now and then.

I admit that sometimes there are really many health-check logs (1 or 2
monitoring tools + load-balancers checks,..). But, considering my
customers ideas, they're wrong and you're right, because logs give an
additional information about the monitoring tools if we're unsure of
the health-check itself, or about a temporary network hanging.

About the log format, I've been replacing almost everywhere the
default Valve config by one which logs the processing time, and it is
very useful for later debugging. Not that I don't like the live JMX or
JMETER scripts, but the more tools we have, the more likely we are to
explain what's happening or what happened at 5AM during the asian
market opening hours while we're sleeping deep.


2015-10-01 20:47 GMT+02:00 Christopher Schultz <>:
> Hash: SHA256
> Aurélien,
> On 10/1/15 10:40 AM, Aurélien Terrestris wrote:
>> A late reply to this topic... Without the conditional test provided
>> by the Rewrite (native Tomcat 8 Rewrite or url-rewrite), it is
>> possible to use an Apache in front of the Tomcat which will have
>> two ProxyPass, and two virtual hosts on the Tomcat itself (one
>> servicing anything but the healtheck, the other one for the
>> healthcheck without logging valve). As the wildcard is not
>> supported by ProxyPass, we can use ProxyPassMatch for this
>> purpose.
> That seems reasonable. Are you just trying to avoid filling your logs
> with health-check requests? I would personally rather have those
> requests showing in the log; they can be filtered-out later before
> logfile analysis if you want to ignore them then.
> But Tomcat *is* handling the requests, so I'd want them logged.
> - -chris
> Comment: GPGTools -
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> ynukIUhSnUHfgOBQj9o4MgHjYRLoE5aeZ7obkZDoEj3uQ9hdCruNNMW4X+i2Fu24
> 8GawKVlUUrgQK3U25RRtBhGFcGY6oXpgvRoiii6KKha+NPs//RPH82weG+nK4uHA
> lh9OQ3oV0AVwsyPGoewvHYX/LOoqTMMBu2t/Wpo43NEAr9giWt38vz9d62/1PvfV
> 3jDau8U1N0GS37SOj3cdLT0RcAieofNIJcwUaiZ0lsZckfPhZ3k/vW7zf0lm/oRI
> o8wzWcaXelJjMoaEbdfPZLHoKxP0cNi7S6dZv/fVe8foflsHfwc20Wo7cYBVaVuO
> a/NpwI5etQvRRHIyfLhveERi0bMV+S3g7Bfmo6PGYH3hLRQtr+s+zqbCgT9PT0oN
> NNvsI6wV92gH8FDvRQlFSFbA80uiWsUed6GtuX3TInOxrEf9JzpBESgPuaam6xu7
> 9Q5miy2ZFyOaaMmfYuXveeCzlnXZviCMisbLrZJ43oDKhC4FftmVPZhuFBDzNWZF
> Q3MeOHYgrCdyh/Ro5l/w930nuOIRQlWoVWGWqvLLyfgKPx/JXGccGV6MK6PmCl1h
> ddQCXfD0A8Q8je9o/de0
> =0nOi
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