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From Zorro <>
Subject JSP compilation error Tomcat 8.0.27
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2015 13:08:42 GMT

I installed Tomcat 8.0.27 last weekend and now using it I do get JSP 
compilation exceptions.

This is an example causing such an exception:
<c:if test="${! (empty Active || Active == \"on\")}">
         <c:set var="active" scope="page" value="" />
(Active is a String and c: means jstl/core)

If I change it to this
<c:if test="${! (empty Active || Active == 'on')}">
<c:if test="${! (empty Active || Active == on)}">

Then no exception occurs anymore.

I expected
<c:if test="${! (empty Active || Active == \"on\")}"> and
<c:if test="${! (empty Active || Active == 'on')}">
being proper code and
<c:if test="${! (empty Active || Active == on)}">
faulty coding.

Has this to do with the change handling  \${ vs \$ escaping in JSP and EL?

Harm-Jan Zwinderman

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