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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Frequency of Tomcat Native releases
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2015 21:14:46 GMT
On 04/10/2015 19:32, Justin wrote:
> | > Did you read the how to build tc-native page?
> Your link requires login to Confluence, so I'm not familiar with any
> of the Windows build process other than what I read about APR and
> what I read in native/BUILDING. Seems a login shouldn't be required
> to read this info.

I agree a login should not be required. I've now fixed this (anonymous
users were missing the view permission).

>> do not have a dependency on a specific msvc runtime
> I believe MSYS2 MingW64 GCC and clang compilers should both work
> without specific msvcrt:

OK. I have no particular preference as long as it meets the requirements.

>> Python is not - and hasnever been as far as I am aware - a
>> dependency
> See line 76 of native/buildconf.

That isn't part of the Windows build. The Windows build does require
various tools as you'll now be able to see from the Wiki page but python
isn't one of them. That looks like it is required for the source release
build (that I know I can do when I need to).

> If all
> patches have to go through devs, I'm sure one of the devs who has
> updated before can do this in minutes. I don't understand why user
> mailing list should document developer commits and submit patches.

You are you one who asked for more frequent releases.

The Tomcat community is exactly that. A community. The people here are
all volunteers and that means they get to work on whatever they choose
to work on. If you want to see more frequent tc-native releases then the
best way to make that happen is to volunteer to do the work.

I'm willing to contribute my time to help you find your way through the
process of getting the native code ready for a release but if you don't
want to do the work I'm not going to do it all for you. I have other
priorities I'm concentrating on right now.

Yes, this is probably better suited to the dev mailing list and I'm
happy to move the conversation there if you prefer. On the other hand,
the users list has a larger subscriber base and this thread is
(hopefully) acting as an advertisement for how folks that want to can
get more involved in Tomcat development.


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