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From "Mark H. Wood" <mw...@IUPUI.Edu>
Subject Re: Tomcat 8 reliability/performance on Windows 2008 R2 Server vs. RHEL/CentOS
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2015 15:31:59 GMT
On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 01:23:14PM -0700, Jason Britton wrote:
> Hello Good People -
> We currently have multiple Tomcat instances deployed on RHEL in production
> with no issues but I am getting asked why we shouldn't migrate everything
> to run on Windows 2008 R2 Server instead.  My stomach churns at the thought
> but I am looking for more concrete information about why this could be
> problematic vs. running Tomcat on RHEL/CentOS.  My gut says far more Tomcat
> deployments in production are done on top of Linux based OS's vs. Windows.
> Any thoughts on making an argument for one OS vs another in deploying
> Tomcat 8?  Thanks for your thoughts,

I think it's going to boil down to:  how well do the people who will
operate and maintain Tomcat get along with each environment?  I go
with Linux because throughout a long association with Windows I found
it frequently getting in my way, embodying invalid assumptions, and
generally resistant to being used in the way I want to operate a host.
Others will have the opposite experience.  So, which kind do you have?

Mark H. Wood
Lead Technology Analyst

University Library
Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
755 W. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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