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From Ludovic PĂ©net <>
Subject Re: Parallel Deployment: Can I request a specific webapp version?
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2015 07:16:24 GMT

>> You have competing requirements:
>> 1. All servers are the same
>2. Some subset users get a different version of the application
>All servers would have all versions of the app, thats the  whole point
>Instead of
>Server 1 - 3: App Version 001
>Server 4 - 6: App Version 002
>I would have
>Server 1-6:  App Version  001 + 002
>Parallel deployment makes this possible and simple to use.
As far as I understand (and use it on a daily basis), parallel deployment allows to upgrade
a webapp to a new version with no downtime, new sessions being handled by the newest version
and existing ones beinig handled by the version already handling them.

That the only case where I see parallel deployment using multiple versions. And so I see no
case where new sessions arr handled by two different versions.

So, it seems to me that // deployment is not a fit for your requirements.

I find them interesting anyway, as I would really like to be able to have a finer control
on the selection of the "current" version.

This would allow transparent downgrades, without removing or stopping a version and help solve
a stupid problem I had several times : // deployment sort versions alphabetically. So, version
1.1.9 is prefered to 1.1.10, for instance...


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