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From Andy Wang <>
Subject Re: building 64-bit isapi_redirect.dll
Date Thu, 13 Aug 2015 22:04:25 GMT

On 08/13/2015 04:46 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
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> Andy,
> On 8/13/15 5:34 PM, Andy Wang wrote:
>> I was hoping to find out how the official isapi_redirect.dlls are
>> built. Specifically the x64 version.  Reason I ask is that 1) the
>> documentation still documents using MS VC 6.0 which I think can't
>> build 64-bit 2) the official binaries seem to link against
>> msvcrt.dll and not msvcr[version].dll
>> I've been using VisualStudio 2010 to build it, and have been
>> needing to install the vcredist installer to get msvcr100.dll.
>> Trying to figure out how the official binaries are built such that
>> this dependency isn't required?
>> Doing some googling it looks like it can be done with a combination
>> of the Windows SDK and DDK.  Is this how this was done?
> I'm no expert.
> In the past, I tried to figure-out my own process for building
> win32/win64-based builds of various Tomcat-related things. For me, it
> was tcnative.
> What I *do* know is that building against msvcrt.dll is a trick that
> is required in order to get a universal build that will work under any
> environment. I believe you are required to use the Driver Development
> Kit for that.
> If you are building for your own environment, you can simply build
> against msvcrtXXX.dll and be perfectly happy, since your environment
> by definition has that library.
> Take a look at markt's instructions for building tcnative on win32;
> they may be helpful in getting the mod_jk build working for you:

It does, and it's the process I thought about using, but I've also read 
that you shouldn't rely on the DDK for building as the msvcrt.dll gets 
updated regularly with windows releases and you could potentially end up 
with dll incompatibilities as the ABIs change.

That said, perhaps the connector's use of msvcrt.dll is less susceptible 
to this, since I imagine it's simply using pretty standard C calls.

I actually do redistribute my bulids for others to use, which is why I'm 
trying to decide if I should concern myself with the extra prerequisite 
of install the vcredist (or bundling the dll files myself).  The key is, 
I'm not familiar with how IIS loads dlls, so I'm not sure if including 
msvcr100.dll in the same directory as isapi_redirect.dll will work or if 
I'd have to put it in the path somewhere.


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