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From Arno <>
Subject Re: How to authenticate our webapp against our own relm only
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2015 15:05:49 GMT
Felix Schumacher <felix.schumacher <at>> writes:
> I think tomcat will always inject a realm into to host when it finds none.
But that realm should not interfere
> with your requests to your webapp. 

You are right, and I see, that I have misinterpreted my debugger sessions.
Our realm contains an additinal class, that contain the access methods to
our server against we have to authenticate. So the realm does a lot of
things what are not neccessary on the webserver side at the moment. So I
have written now my own small method, what only make the autentification and
all things was ok afterwards.

By the way, what I haven't realy understood, is how and when this realm is
called, after a request reached the connector. What I didn't understand also
is what actions or what content of the request triggers the realm to do
Perhaps you have a hint or a link for me, where I can see which control flow
a request have, before he arrived my first filter. I haven't found the right
documents for this til now.

kind regards

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