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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Spring Scheduled Task is triggered multiple times
Date Thu, 02 Jul 2015 07:20:01 GMT
Zoran Avtarovski wrote:
> We have a struts2 based app that uses spiring scheduling to trigger a task
> every morning at 6am.
> The problem we have is that task in triggered multiple times,
> simultaneously.
> We have an Ubuntu 14.04.1 Server using the standard tomcat 7 installed using
> apt-get and running on oracle java 8.
> Tomcat is configured as a stand alone not a cluster and I had a look at the
> servers.xml file and it only has one host.
> It has to be the way we have tomcat configured, but I can¹t see what. I
> changed from quartz to spring scheduling thinking the issue was quartz, but
> that made no difference.
> I¹d really appreciate any pointers at this stage.

And so would we..

If you believe that the issue may be in the configuration, how about copying that 
configuration file here for instance ?
(Remove any comments or sensitive information).
Also try to be a bit more precise in terms of what software you have installed.
In the "bin" directory of Tomcat (/usr/share/tomcat7/bin), there is a script. 
Run it and copy the output here.

(You may have a bit of trouble there under Ubuntu, because you probably have to set 
JRE_HOME first. Do a "which java" and follow the links going through /etc/alternatives, 
until you find something with "jre/bin/java" in it. JRE_HOME is the path ending in "jre/".

Or find out how /etc/init.d/tomcat7 does it.)

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