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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: We have a problem involving weird error messages in our Tomcat context, and catalina.out growing to enormous size.
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2015 19:05:35 GMT
James H. H. Lampert wrote:
> We have two weird things going on at the same customer installation.
> First, we have a situation in which catalina.out is inexplicibly growing 
> to enormous size (4558505886 bytes) in a very short time (under a week), 
> and growing by 4k in under a minute. And yet the catalina.[date] files 
> are all of very reasonable size.
> Second, we've been finding a lot of "There is no process to read data 
> written to a pipe." exceptions. They're apparently being thrown by our 
> own code, but we haven't been able to determine why, and while a Google 
> search on that exact phrase turns up hundreds of references specific to 
> aix, it doesn't turn up any specific to OS/400 (or whatever IBM is 
> calling it this week). Don't know if there's any connection between that 
> and the enormous catalina.out.
> Tomcat version is 7.0.47, running on an AS/400.
I don't know anything about AS/400 - OS/400.
But catalina.out is usually where the output of the *JVM* is being re-directed
(such as exceptions in the JVM etc..).
Can you see what's being written ?
(iow, is there an equivalent to "tail -f filename" under OS/400 ?)

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