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From Osman Ullah | Ntrepid Corp <>
Subject Re: Exception in Tomcat7 when closing stream, server crashes
Date Mon, 04 May 2015 19:50:08 GMT

On 4/30/15, 10:17 AM, "Christopher Schultz" <>

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>On 4/30/15 10:07 AM, Osman Ullah | Ntrepid Corp wrote:
>> Just an update. We have been doing some testing and we might not be
>> seeing Tomcat actually go down with 7.0.61. The errors are still
>> occurring but it is possible it may not be crashing. We were seeing
>> the crash with 7.0.56. I¹ll post an update once have done some more
>> thorough testing.
>Lots of little things are being cleaned-up in and around the
>connectors as well as tcnative lately. Using the latest Tomcat will
>improve the stability of tcnative, because if the Java code has been
>mis-tracking the state of the connection, the native code can
>sometimes fall-over.
>I've tried to prevent actual crashes as much as possible, but the
>result in those cases is that the connection is totally trashed. I'm
>not sure if Tomcat is recycling those trashed connections, but every
>release improves the situation.
>It would be even better if you could move up to Tomcat 8. Lots more
>refactoring of the connectors has taken place there and so all
>connectors are more stable.
>I'm excited about the upcoming Tomcat 9 because the connector code has
>been nearly unified. This ought to make all of the connectors rock-solid
>- -chris


We were able to replicate the crash with the versions I mentioned earlier.
Do you have any suggestions as to what else we can do?

One thing I was going to try was that if I get a ClientAbortException when
trying to flush the output stream, I will not close the stream. I just
don¹t know if this is safe or it will cause some kind of long term issues.


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