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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: Debugging Tomcat Running in Vagrant using Port Forwarding
Date Fri, 01 May 2015 00:24:06 GMT
2015-05-01 3:13 GMT+03:00 David Landis <>:
> On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 3:12 PM, David Marsh <> wrote:
>> 8000 Is the HTTP port in development just in case you are using port
>> 808433 Is similar for HTTPS22 Is SSH port
>> Normally you define a free port in a user range say 9009, to be your debug
>> port.
>> Then you use a suitable java debugger to connect to that port.
>> I've never used vagrant, but it sounds like you'd also need that debug
>> port say 9009, to have port forwarding configured.
>> Once port forwarding is configured the debug port 9009 should be
>> accessible outside the VM.
> Hi David -- thanks for the response. Port 8000 is definitely the default
> debugging port for Tomcat though and is what I've always used before when
> debugging locally. I suspect there is some additional configuration I need
> to do in Tomcat in order to debug while it is running in a Vagrant box
> using port forwarding.

Have you started Tomcat in debug mode?
E.g. "./ jpda start"

See JPDA_ADDRESS option in source code.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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