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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: FormAuthenticator, Tomcat restart
Date Fri, 29 May 2015 06:47:45 GMT
Leonid Rozenblyum wrote:
> Hello, Christopher!
> I indeed meant this "The Tomcat restart between showing and submitting
> the login page is the source of the problem."
> Your explanation clarifies the core of the issue well!
> I'll dig into the Tomcat documentation deeper to find out how to
> inject that custom login handler.
> Thanks!
> On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 6:49 PM, Christopher Schultz
> <> wrote:
>> Hash: SHA256
>> Mark,
>> On 5/28/15 5:29 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
>>> On 28/05/2015 10:22, Leonid Rozenblyum wrote:
>>>> Hello experts.
>>>> We are using FormAuthenticator and face a following issue:
>>>> 1) Session persistence is disabled 2) User is on login page 3)
>>>> Restart Tomcat 4) User tries authentication
>>>> He receives error 400 or 408.
>>>> While digging deeper we discovered that in this case Tomcat
>>>> validates session id and if it's old/invalid - prevents
>>>> logging-in even though valid credentials are passed.
>>>> We tried landingPage solution - it looks better than error
>>>> 400/408 but anyway it forces user to enter credentials twice (or
>>>> we don't know how to pass credentials to landingPage
>>>> implicitly).
>>>> We think that an improvement of user experience would be :
>>>> FormAuthenticator: 255 if (session == null) { session =
>>>> request.getSessionInternal(false); }
>>>> ==> if (session == null) { session =
>>>> request.getSessionInternal(true); }
>>>> So if session is invalid or missing - simply create it.
>>>> Does this idea make sense?
>>> No. It makes no sense at all.
>>>> Can we achieve the goal of not forcing user entering credentials
>>>> twice without changes in Tomcat ?
>>> No. The credentials are stored in the session. If you restart
>>> Tomcat with session persistence disabled those credentials are lost
>>> and the user is going to have to re-enter them.
>> I think the OP is saying that the credentials are only entered a
>> single time. The Tomcat restart between showing and submitting the
>> login page is the source of the problem.
>> Leonid, the servlet spec is very clear about the workflow for
>> authentication: the client must request a protected resource, then the
>> container challenges the client for authentication (shows the login
>> page), and then the client must submit valid credentials (send a
>> request to j_security_check). After that, the container must
>> re-process the client's original request with the newly-authenticated
>> principal.
>> Tomcat stores the original request in the session. If you lose your
>> session between presenting the login page and submitting the
>> credentials, Tomcat has no way to re-process the original request.
>> IMO, this is a hole in the spec, because it doesn't allow people to
>> login simply because they want to; instead, they must first attempt to
>> reach a protected resource.
>> If you want your users to be able to login without requesting a
>> protected resource, you may write your own login-handler and call
>> ServletRequest.login(). That way, you won't require a session to exist
>> during that whole workflow.
>> - -chris

It all begs the question, by pure curiosity if nothing else, of how often the OP restarts

his Tomcat, that this issue seems to bother him so.
Last time I looked, my 20-odd Tomcats had been running for some 240 days or so.

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