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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: can we pass OS username while connection Database from Tomcat
Date Thu, 28 May 2015 09:50:19 GMT
Vijay Kumar wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> Please find below my exact requirement.
> I have Oracle Database where my objects are installed and I have also a
> Linux instance where i installed Tomcat.
> I am currently creating connection to the Oracle database from Tomcat using
> 'apps' user as this schema is having all permissions.
> One of my client want to monitor the connections that are created from my
> application. For this i want to pass my Linux user information (userid)
> while creating the connection from my application or in context.xml file.
> Please suggest the approaches? If SPENGO can you redirect me any doc/post
> how to achieve this?
you are repeating yourself (and still top-posting), but you are not providing the crucial

information which would enable someone to really help you.
For example, what "Linux user information (userid)" are you talking about ?

Is it the Linux user-id under which Tomcat is running ?
That would probably be "tomcat", so that is probably not going to help you fulfill your 
customer's wishes.

Is it the user-id of the /user/ of your Tomcat application ?
In that case, how does Tomcat know this user-id ? Do the users login into your application

? How ? What is the user authentication mechanism being used, now, at the Tomcat level ?

Does the Oracle database also know this user-id ? How ?

What does "One of my client want to monitor the connections" mean, exactly ? what does the

customer want to know, and when ? Is this customer the only user/manager of the Oracle 
database, or are there multiple users/managers of the Oracle database ?

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