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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to make Tomcat 6.0.24 to return 50x code when webapp not started?
Date Tue, 10 Mar 2015 17:28:01 GMT
On 10/03/2015 16:41, Emmanuel Franquemagne wrote:
> Hello,
> Here is the description of my problem: I have a REST webservice
> hosted in a tomcat instance and which is accessed by automated
> processes; these processes request information about business objects
> and take decision accordingly. Especially, when business object isn't
> available, the webservice returns http code 404.
> Our problem is that Tomcat also returns 404 when the webservice isn't
> started. It is fine from Tomcat point of view, but not from client
> application pov: in this context, it is "normal" to get a "resource
> not found" which has an applicative meaning, but from client side
> point of view, down webapp is a internal ws error, and should be
> returned 50x code (500, 501, 503...). And client must make difference
> between "business object unknown" and "application unavailable".
> So my question is: is it possible to force Tomcat to return *50x*
> code if a webapp it hosts is not started (or crashed or so), and let
> *applicative 404* go to client? I've searched the Web to see if other
> REST webapp developers had this issue, but found nothing. I may also
> have misread tomcat manuel, but didn't find an answer to my
> question.

It you want Tomcat to return something other than a 404 for a resource
that doesn't exist you'll need to deploy something to do that. The
simplest way may be to deploy a servlet to the ROOT web app mapped to
/yourapp that returns a 503.

If a context is deployed to /yourapp the Servlet mapping rules mean any
requests will go to that app, not the ROOT app. If no context is
deployed to /yourapp, the requests go to ROOT which will return the 503
(or whatever).


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