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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Apparent Bug Introduced between 8.0.15 & 8.0.17
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2015 19:40:44 GMT
On 05/02/2015 18:51, Jerry Malcolm wrote:
> There is an apparent bug or functional change dealing with the sax
> package getting loaded that was introduced in 8.0.17.
> Background: I have been in the process of migrating three independent
> servers to new hardware.  As part of the migration, I decided to upgrade
> all of them to the latest Tomcat 8.  The first one worked fine.  I
> repeated the install process on the 2nd one.  I kept getting an error on
> my pages, though, on the 2nd server install.  I decide to continue on to
> the third server while trying to figure out the problem.  The third
> server had the identical error.  The error message I received was:
> --- javax.el.ELException: The package [org.saxpath] could not be found
> I'm using JSTL, and the stack trace showed that it was occurring on a
> JSTL tag in a JSP.  Also, all three servers are Win Server 2008-R2.
> I tried for several hours to figure out why a jar was apparently missing
> and/or what might be different from server #1.  I then noticed that I
> had downloaded Tomcat 8.0.15 for the first server and 8.0.17 for the
> other two servers.  Definitely a total long shot. But I uninstalled
> 8.0.17 from the 2nd server and downloaded/installed 8.0.15 from the
> Tomcat archive.  Voila.... it works.  Did the same thing on the third
> server, and it fixed the problem there as well.
> If this error message was the result of a bug that was introduced in
> 8.0.17 that has been or will be corrected, then no problem. However, if
> this is a result of incompatibilities between my code and all future
> Tomcat releases, I want to figure it out now and get it resolved.  I
> definitely don't want to have to readdress this again when I decide to
> move up to Tomcat 9.x, etc.
> Can anyone explain what changed?  BTW.... I'm using Apache Taglib 1.2.1
> jars, which as far I have been able to find, are the latest. Nothing
> else unique in what I'm doing in this area of the code as far as I can
> tell.
> Thanks for any info you can provide.

Can you try again with 8.0.18? I think you may have hit a regression
that has since been fixed.

If you still see the error, open a BZ issue and provide the simplest
steps to reproduce you can (e.g. a JSP to add to Tomcat's examples app).



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