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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Deployment Woe with Cargo
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2015 08:44:02 GMT
On 08/01/2015 05:16, jieryn wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm using Apache Tomcat 7.0.55 via Apache TomEE 1.7.1, on a RHEL
> machine with IBM Java.7.
> My team has a deployment procedure which uses Jenkins CI to check out,
> build, test, and then leverage Codehaus Cargo to deploy the final
> generated WAR artifact. The procedure is long but fairly
> straightforward, and I believe it is a general best practice to have
> the full CI environment validate the build and then do the deployment
> via push button.
> The problem that we have is that Cargo / Tomcat, I'm not sure who to
> blame, as part of the redeploy task, first performs an undeploy and
> then performs a deploy. This means that for the entire time(transfer
> the war file), which is often 60-90 seconds, the application is down
> and unavailable. It would be a lot better if we could transfer the war
> file first and then do the undeploy and deploy. (We do not leverage
> parallel deployment#00x for single-thread/brain concurrency sanity.)
> To whom should I address my concerns, please?

It depends. Exactly how is the redeploy performed? File copy? Via the
Manager app? Something else?


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