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From "Terence M. Bandoian" <>
Subject My problem: I cannot successfully get or set a session attribute from a JSP file.
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2014 13:39:11 GMT
On 12/6/2014 3:19 PM, Jim Anderson wrote:
> Hi to all,
> I am currently developing some server side JSP code. By and large, 
> things are progressing and working well. I have gotten half way decent 
> at debugging my java/javascript/jquery/jsp/HTML source code, but I 
> have run into a problem in JSP where the code does not work, but I 
> have found no clues as to why it is not working.
> The environment that I am working in is Tomcat 7.0.54 and I am using 
> java 1.8 and jquery 1.7.2.
> What I am trying to do:
> I have html code with an embedded javascript that runs jquery code. 
> The jquery code being run makes an ajax call to a JSP file on the 
> server side, which I will call s.jsp. This file is a very simple file 
> whose sole function is to take a registration name and query an SQL 
> database to see if the name has already been used at the web site. The 
> registration name is passed with a method call that looks like this:
>         regName = request.getParameter("registrationName"); [item 1]
> This all works fine for me. So far so good. If the registration name 
> is good, the state of my application logic changes. I guess there are 
> multiple ways to store state, but I have chosen to store the state as 
> a session variable.  I searched the net and found an example of JSP 
> code that uses the session object to store information as an attribute 
> with a statement that looks something like:
>         session.setAttribute("logicState","nameValidated"); [item 2]
> I tried adding this line and when I now push the submit button of my 
> HTML form, which calls s.jsp as an action, the application hangs (in 
> firefox). I receive no error messages anywhere. Usually, when I add 
> bad code in s.jsp I will get a stacktrace from firefox or error 
> messages in the firefox debug console, or both. Or I will error 
> message in my own homegrown debug code, but that does not happen. I 
> know that my home grown code does not get called, so I can infer that 
> the call to s.jsp is never made, but I cannot be 100% certain of this. 
> I also checked my tomcat/logs directory and there was nothing in the 
> log files that I would not expect.
> So my first question is:  Can I simply add item 2, above, to my jsp 
> file and expect that tomcat will recognize that I am referencing the 
> session object?  In s.jsp, item 1, above, references the request 
> object and tomcat handles that and I am expecting that it will also 
> hand my reference to the session object.
> My second question is more general. My code is not working and there 
> are no error messages. Can anyone speculate why this would be the 
> case?  Is there any   place else I should be looking for error messages?
> Jim A.

Hi, Jim-

You should be able to see in Firebug or the Network tab of the Firefox 
developer's tools whether or not the request was actually sent by the 

-Terence Bandoian

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