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From Nikita Zyulyaev <>
Subject Tomcat 7.0.47 comet request concurrency issue
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2014 17:01:48 GMT

I’ve got a problem using Tomcat 7.0.47 NioConnector with nginx 1.6.2 and atmosphere 2.2.3.

It happens when nginx and atmosphere close the same comet connection concurrently.

In NioEndpoint.Poller thread(A) the SocketChannel becomes ready for read when nginx closes
it. Poller unregisters the channel for read and forks another thread(B) to handle close event.
(see NioEndpoint:1239)
Then atmosphere calls close on the connection in thread(C) and Tomcat receives internal action
with code ActionCode.COMET_CLOSE and adds the channel to the Poller, which registers it for
read again. (see 
The SocketChannel is still readable in case thread(B) hasn’t invalidated the SelectionKey
yet, so Poller in thread(A) initiates the closing process again and forks thread(D).
Thread(B) completes the closing process and puts NioChannel and AttachmentKey into the corresponding
Then Thread(D) tries to close the channel again and realizes that it has already been closed
(see and puts the same NioChannel and AttachmentKey into caches.

Caches become corrupted because they contain 2 references to the same object. Then any 2 subsequent
requests may get the same NioChannel and AttachmentKey and some crazy stuff may happen (mixed
up responses, etc).

Looks like it is a concurrency issue in Tomcat.

When testing without nginx it does not reproduce due to the fact that the browser doesn’t
close the connection and reuses it.

Nikita Zyulyaev.
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