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From Chris Gamache <>
Subject Re: Help! parallel deployment problem.
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2014 04:48:04 GMT
Indeed, the affected nodes don't have the newer war at all.

If you don't mind me asking-- if not FarmWebDeployer, what scheme do you use to deploy a war
across a cluster?

> On Nov 25, 2014, at 11:11 PM, Christopher Schultz <>
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> Chris,
>> On 11/24/14 10:55 PM, Chris Gamache wrote:
>> So first, I'd be glad to. Just to be clear-- I'm not in need of a
>> lecture, but will willingly take one if anyone can help me get down
>> to a solution. My first attempt at asking for some assistance was
>> met with crickets. I haven't figured out why when I post (what I
>> think are) well written, well researched and discussion-provoking
>> questions they get no traction but if I cry "the sky is falling"
>> folks are more willing to attempt to lend a hand. Here's my go at
>> attempt #3:
>> I have a tomcat cluster. It is set up with much care according to 
>> It mostly works fine. On occasion (twice a week or so) there will
>> be one or more servers which didn't get the message that a new war
>> was deployed (continuous deployment using the tomcat parallel
>> deployment scheme. e.g. theapp##007.war) and they happily continue
>> to run the old version of the war.
> I presume you have checked that the "affected" nodes are running only
> the old version and not the new version simultaneously, right?
>> In a farm deployment scenario, the master node will announce to the
>> cluster a new artifact is available and then the clustered tomcats
>> will retrieve and deploy the new artifact. I can't pin down the
>> problem, but let just say for argument's sake it is a true
>> link-down situation. There doesn't seem to exist a mechanism to
>> re-announce, or announce at regular intervals. This seems like a
>> real weakness in the scheme. That makes me think I'm missing 
>> something obvious. If it works like it says it should in the docs
>> I shouldn't be having this issue. Either there's something wrong
>> with my config or there's a problem with tomcat. Based on the hair
>> I have left after pulling mine out, I'm leaning toward a problem
>> with tomcat. Is anyone leveraging FarmWebDeployer and Parallel
>> Deployment in their architecture successfully? If so, DenverCoder9,
>> what did you see?!?
> Sorry, we don't use the FarmWebDeployer, so I can only give you
> theoretical advice.
> - -chris
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