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From chris derham <>
Subject Re: Spurious Problem starting Tomcat7 (garbled class names)
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2014 09:52:30 GMT
>> example with to garbled classes: (3.class being the first, which
>> must come from SomeClass$3.class and the second one being something
>> awefully beautiful:
>> ConfigEdiAtourtAhpepnltiiccaattiioonn$SAtpaptlei$cIadteinotniCfo^@^@iigeLro.acdlLaissstener.class

To prevent decompilation, you can run your classes through a code
obfuscator. That replaces all field/method/class names with garbage,
to make it harder to see what is going on. The garbage you see might
actually be the names in the jar files. Unzip the war/jars and see
what is actually in there. Could it be correct?



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