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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: jsp page on Tomcat non loading css
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2014 13:31:18 GMT
2014-11-06 14:04 GMT+03:00 Alessandro Panzeri <>:
> I deployed a war on Tomcat 7 to serve a jsp page.
> In the jsp page I put this css tag:
> <link href="../css/new_style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>
> Also, at the beginning of the jsp page I put this:
> <%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=utf-8" %>
> However when I contact via browser such jsp page, the css is NOT loaded and
> I found that the reason is (returned by Google Chrome inspecting the page):
> "Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type
> text/plain."
> I can't figure out what to modify...any advice?

It means that server accompanies your CSS file with HTTP protocol
header "Content-Type: text/plain" while the browser expects it to be
"Content-Type: text/css".

The contents of your JSP page and your <link> tag are irrelevant. You
cannot solve this by modifying your JSP or CSS files.

The mime type for static files is usually configured by <mime-mapping>
elements in your web.xml.  Either you have those wrong, or your CSS is
not a static file, or something else modifies your Content-Type header
(e.g. a Filter).

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