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From Leo Donahue <>
Subject Re: Separation of CATALINA_HOME and CATALINA_BASE
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2014 17:07:40 GMT
On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 10:36 AM, Christopher Schultz <> wrote:

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> Leo,
> On 11/4/14 10:46 AM, Leo Donahue wrote:
> > On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 9:37 AM, Christopher Schultz <
> >> wrote:
> >
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> >>
> >> Neven,
> >>
> >> On 11/3/14 6:42 PM, Neven Cvetkovic wrote:
> >>> Vince, the current configuration works great:
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> Although, I would love to see out-of-box setup for additional
> >>> shared-lib folder, something other than TOMCAT/lib with Tomcat
> >>>  default libraries. Essentially, I would love to separate my
> >>> customer shared libraries from Tomcat default libraries. I
> >>> guess - question would be where are CATALINA_HOME/lib JAR
> >>> files being loaded from? Can we add another directory to scan
> >>> for libraries to be loaded? Is that configurable?
> >>
> >> I'm not sure about that, but if the Windows installer could ask
> >> the user if they want a "unified" versus "split" configuration,
> >> that might be nice. The installer could then ask for the
> >> location of CATALINA_BASE and offer to create it if necessary.
> >> That way, users performing "upgrades" could specify their
> >> existing CATALINA_BASE during installation and not have to go
> >> back and re-configure the Windows Service. It would also allow
> >> newbies to know that there is an "advanced" configuration and
> >> perhaps go learn about it.
> >>
> >> - -chris
> >>
> >>
> > The Tomcat zip file distribution could easily do this now. Add a
> > CATALINA_BASE directory pre-configured with a read-me file that
> > explains to users they can move this directory elsewhere, and
> > update a property that points back to the CATALINA_HOME directory
> > wherever they unzipped that. This would be an easy "optional"
> > configuration to include for a split configuration.
> It already does that, now:
> The CATALINA_BASE directory is preconfigured to be set to
> CATALINA_HOME, which is auto-detected by (.bat).
> CATALINA_BASE contains a readme file (RUNNING.txt) that explains how
> to change that default.
> I say that with all due snark, but it's really true: what you are
> talking about basically exists exactly as you describe.
> - -chris
You are correct (something muffled).

If the Tomcat community wants to promote the concept of running multiple
instances, then what about:

A.  A description of that functionality kind of starts on line 68 in
RUNNING.txt ((3) Configure Environment Variables).  In other words, it's
B.  That description is aimed at using SCRIPTS not SERVICES to get it
C.  Under Advanced Configuration in RUNNING.txt all newbies really need to
know is the "In CATALINA_BASE" part, because they will read the "In
CATALINA_HOME" part and get confused.
D.  Are newbies after this kind of configuration for the thrill of being
able to run multiple instances or for easier upgrades?

My guess is most Tomcat users on Windows don't start their Tomcats with the
scripts, a few do and those few are the ones who benefit from this ability,
in their web app development.  I haven't seen or heard of anyone who has a
shared CATALINA_HOME sitting on a Windows file share where developers are
free to create their own CATALINA_BASE, but I have only worked a few places
in my life.  And, I would wonder how coordinating the conflicting ports
would be resolved as a group.


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