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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: tomcat7 shutdown himself without trace
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2014 12:33:26 GMT
Métairie wrote:
> Hi all
> We have a tomcat7 standalone in Redhat6.
> Sometime the Tomcat7 suddenly stop to reply to all requests, but all server parameters
are ok (cpu, memory, disk, ... all are ok). There is no error inside the logs. No exception,
> The http-thread do not reply anymore, because the pool is fallen to a minimum to 5 or
6 threads.
> I guess all http-thread are killed without any reason.

Can you paste the server.xml file here ?
(Remove all comments, domain names and other confidential information if any)

To save time for everyone in the long run, can you also provide :
- the exact version of Tomcat used (7.y.z)
- the JVM version used

(You should be able to see all that by going to the Tomcat bin directory and executing 

There may be a reason for the Tomcat threads disappearing : if the minimum you set in the

configuration is the above 5-6, and if the threads have nothing to do (Tomcat does not 
receive any requests anymore, due to some network issue e.g.) then the threads would 
"naturally" die, and Tomcat would not necessarily start new ones to replace them, since 
there is no need to.

Also maybe helpful : when the case occurs (Tomcat not responding), run the command :
netstat -pan --tcp
and check if anything unusual appears there (like hundreds of connections to the Tomcat 
HTTP port, in some unexpected state).

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