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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: Separation of CATALINA_HOME and CATALINA_BASE
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2014 16:11:29 GMT
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On 11/3/2014 3:08 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Mark,
> On 11/3/14 5:46 PM, Mark Eggers wrote:
>> One of the issues I did run into when using tcnative-1.dll is
>> that I got the following error message:
>> is not a recognized command, and Tomcat failed to
>> start.
>> Moving tcnative-1.dll out of the bin directory fixed the
>> problem. When I specified JRE_HOME in setenv.bat, that also fixed
>> the problem and allowed me to use tcnative-1.dll.
>> I suspect some brokenness in the way NetBeans is handling the 
>> JRE_HOME environment variable, since I do have that set 
>> system-wide.
> That's weird. It looks like someone a) mistyped for 
> localhost and b) a script isn't working properly.

That should have been

> Is this Netbeans-only, or does it happen with a stock Tomcat?

It is NetBeans-only. Stock 8.0.14 starts fine using startup.bat from
Windows Explorer.

> It's also odd that it has something to do with using tcnative at
> the same time.

That was my quick and dirty thought since I did a grep (cygwin) on all
of the files in CATALINA_HOME/bin, and that's the only file that

I moved tcnative-1.dll out of the bin directory and Tomcat started
from within NetBeans.

I then added a setenv.bat file to the directory which explicitly sets
JRE_HOME (even though it's set as a global environment variable).
NetBeans was then able to launch Tomcat even with tcnative-1.dll in
the bin directory.

I'll poke around if I have some time. I'll also see if this occurs on
a Linux platform.

> -chris

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