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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Separation of CATALINA_HOME and CATALINA_BASE
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2014 15:37:43 GMT
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On 11/3/14 6:42 PM, Neven Cvetkovic wrote:
> Vince, the current configuration works great:
> 1) If you are a newbie administrator you are going to use 
> "easy-to-use-newbie-friendly" configuration. It will get you
> started, it will get your application working, etc... Great
> starting point.
> 2) If you are developer (newbie or expert) and using IDE (Eclipse, 
> Netbeans, IntelliJ) - you are going to use out-of-box tomcat
> configuration. Single Tomcat instance, no-split configuration.
> 3) If you are administrator that is upgrading Tomcat, you will just
> create a process to configure your instance with new Tomcat
> binaries and copy over the configuration file (most of the stuff is
> backwards compatible in server.xml within the point-version) + add
> any shared libraries to new tomcat/lib folder (JDBC drivers,
> etc...). Again, single-tomcat instance, no-split configuration
> necessary. Although, may people do like to split for "easier"
> upgrades and separation of concerns.
> 4) If you are administrator that is managing multi-instance
> environment, you can still get away with copying standard
> out-of-box Tomcat directory over and over again, for each instance
> separately. The hassle would be to do the upgrades on many
> instances. That's why we have CATALINA_HOME for shared stuff
> (binaries+libraries) and CATALINA_BASE for instance-specific 
> configuration. And in this case you would know about the split
> directory setup option and would research how to do that
> effectively.
> My question is - why do you use CATALINA_BASE if you are using IDE 
> (Netbeans)? If you are developer, there is no need to use split 
> configuration.
> Although, I would love to see out-of-box setup for additional
> shared-lib folder, something other than TOMCAT/lib with Tomcat
> default libraries. Essentially, I would love to separate my
> customer shared libraries from Tomcat default libraries. I guess -
> question would be where are CATALINA_HOME/lib JAR files being
> loaded from? Can we add another directory to scan for libraries to
> be loaded? Is that configurable?

I'm not sure about that, but if the Windows installer could ask the
user if they want a "unified" versus "split" configuration, that might
be nice. The installer could then ask for the location of
CATALINA_BASE and offer to create it if necessary. That way, users
performing "upgrades" could specify their existing CATALINA_BASE
during installation and not have to go back and re-configure the
Windows Service. It would also allow newbies to know that there is an
"advanced" configuration and perhaps go learn about it.

- -chris
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