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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Tomcat JVM Crash
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2014 18:11:17 GMT
On 03/10/2014 17:07, Chad Maniccia wrote:
> Hi,
> I have discovered the source of the JVM crashes. I figured it best to share with the
group because it is quite odd. I have tested this and confirmed with a colleague so as odd
as it sounds it is reproducible.
>  The crash is caused by a combination of Chrome web browser, HTTPS, and posting a form
with an exact amount of data. If you use HTTP to submit the form=no crash, If you use IE and
HTTPS=no crash. If you add/remove a single character to the form=no crash. I have attached
the latest crash log. Please note that Tomcat crashes before it logs the request to "localhost_access_log"
and before it passes the request to the servlet. This problem is present between multiple
versions of Java and Tomcat.
> Here is another user reporting a similar issue.
> I did like they suggested and added the following line. This doesn't fix the problem
but it prevents the server from crashing, you get a blank page instead. Why is this?
> -XX:CompileCommand=exclude,com/sun/crypto/provider/*.*
> Whose problem is this: Google, Apache Tomcat, GoDaddy(SSL), or Oracle?


Regardless of whether the input is valid or not it should not trigger a
JVM crash.


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