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From Ognjen Blagojevic <>
Subject Re: tomcat crash problem (INTERNAL)
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2014 10:47:23 GMT

On 3.10.2014 10:25, wrote:
> Hi Ognjen,
> Tomcat is crashing with the below error message.
> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

Please, reply below the quotes, it is standard on this list.

Tomcat have small memory footprint, way below 3 GB you allocate for JVM. 
So, it is probably your application data filling this 3 GB of memory. 
The above error says that garbage collector is struggling to release the 
memory, but it consumes to much CPU cycles and releases too little 
memory. This usually results in dramatic server slowdowns, so JVM 
decides to throw an error and inform you about the problem.

You should analyze your application heap usage with the profiler to 
determine what objects are holding references so GC is unable to free 
more memory. If you don't need those objects, clear the references. If 
you really need all those objects, throw more memory at the server.

Please read:


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