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From Alexandre Garnier <>
Subject Behaviour when updating WAR with exploded dir when Tomcat is stopped
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2014 09:50:15 GMT
On tomcat7 and tomcat8, documentation about deployment on Tomcat
startup <>

> The following deployment sequence will occur on Tomcat startup in that case:
> 1. Any Context Descriptors will be deployed first.
> 2. Exploded web applications not referenced by any Context Descriptor will then be deployed.
If they have an associated .WAR file in the appBase and it is newer than the exploded web
application, the exploded directory will be removed and the webapp will be redeployed from
the .WAR
> 3. .WAR files will be deployed

When raising a bug (#56867
<>) about a
behaviour not conforming to this documentation (as I understand it), I
was answered to ask on the ML for information about this, so here it

Why when updating WAR with exploded dir when Tomcat is stopped, the
exploded dir is not updated on Tomcat startup and the old webapp is

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