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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Help me to understand why Tomcat is creating random WEB-INF folders.
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2014 20:10:20 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 13/08/2014 17:24, Rene Scheffler wrote:
>> Hallo André and thanks for your fast reponse,
>> im sorry i didn't provide any more info on that.
>> We've installed manually, i downloaded the tomcat from the apache website
>> (we've got some picky customers and we've made some stable experiences with
>> that tomcat version, hence we didnt install it via apt-get).
>> I managed to figure out, that some part of the configuration used in the
>> web.xml/server.xml was responsible for the creation of that many WEB-INF
>> folders.
> Not possible. Tomcat never adds a WEB-INF folder to a directory that
> doesn't already contain one.

So, for directories that already contain one, it sometimes does ?
(Just kidding)

Getting back to what Rene wrote above, my guess would be that whatever script was 
installing CFML, may have read the web.xml/server.xml, misinterpreted it/them, and decided

to ad these WEB-INF directories where it shouldn't have.

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