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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: SSL redirect problems
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2014 16:42:12 GMT
John Smith wrote:
>>>> No, I am not really going that far.  I am suggesting that that may be
>> the kind of thing that is happening, and that you may want to investigate
>> with a browser plugin, that the requests/responses are really what you are
>> expecting.
>> Your initial explanation was a bit confusing and lacking in precise
>> details, as to what the load balancer really does, where IPtables does
>> what, and how your tomcats are configured (re Connectors, and possibly
>> IPtables too).  So we're all kind of guessing here, and just trying to give
>> you some tips, to either simplify your setup, or to figure out better what
>> is happening.
> Well, lets remove the IP tables. I know the certs work because as I said I
> can access them directly by going to either server on 8443 directly. The
> connectors are configured correctly. There's no security info in web.xml.
> The entire site should be available over SSL.
> Using Charles, with LB:8443 I get "connection refused" - without any other
> particularly useful info in the response.
There is no response, since you are not even able to connect to that IP:port.
If you are using the IP of the LB, then the LB is not accepting connections on port 8443.
You won't get much further, unless you solve that first.
But I thought that you wanted your users to access via port 443 ?

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