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From Jim Anderson <>
Subject installing tomcat7-admin --- I have not /etc/tomcat7 directory
Date Sat, 12 Jul 2014 18:59:02 GMT
    I am running on crunchbang Linux, a derivative of Debian Linux, and 
I use apt-get to install most packages.

However, I am in the process of upgrading from tomcat6 to tomcat7 and I 
have a problem because tomcat7
is not available for download with the crunchbang distribution. When 
tomcat6-admin was installed with apt-get,
the /etc/tomcat6 directory got populated for me. I downloaded tomcat7 as 
a compressed tar file from
apache and installed it. The Tomcat7 daemon is running. But right now, 
non of my web applications
can be accessed from my browser and there is no /etc/tomcat7 directory 
to control the local configuration.

I will look at the web application failure at a later time. For now, I 
would like to get the tomcat web
manager running but I need a /etc/tomcat7 directory set up properly. It 
looks like it should be created when the
tomcat7-admin package is installed. But I cannot find any documentation 
about installing tomcat7-admin.

I have scanned through the tomcat7 doc website and have not been able to 
find the installation instructions
I'm looking for. Can someone either point me to the instructions I would 
need to install tomcat7-admin?

Jim Anderson

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